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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. KALAISELVAN S Biochemistry, Mole. Medicine and Drug Discovery
Dr. Manikandan S CNS
Dr. Ouagadougou S HIV infection
Dr. Patel S Biochemistry
Dr. Prof Madhavn S Cancer
Dr. Ravindra S Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Thippeswamy S Indigenous drugs
Dr. M Sabu Ethnopharmacology
Dr. K Sachin clinical pharmacology
Dr. Achintya Saha CVS, CNS, Med. Chem.
Dr. E Salem Renal
Dr. ROHIT SALUJA Molecular pharmacology
Dr. Rohit Saluja Molecular Pharmacology
Dr. Dr Sama . Venkatesh Sama Anti-infective drugs
Dr. Rajashree samal M D Pharmacology
Dr. V Sambucini Epidemiology
Dr. DS Samiulla DMPK, Metabolic disorders, Inflammation
Dr. Miguel San Dentistry
Dr. Patricia Sancho Liver
Dr. R Sandhir antioxidants
Dr. Narendranath Sanji Cardiovascular
Dr. A Sankaranarayanan Cardiovascular disorders, diabetes
Dr. Senthilkumar Sankararaman Paediatrics
Dr. R Sanmartí Rheumatology
Dr. Perumal . Santahnam Natural Product Chemistry/ Phytochemistry
Dr. Emilio Sanz Drug utilization
Dr. Shadi Sarahroodi Ethnopharmacology, Pharmacoepidemiology
Dr. Sudhir Sarangi Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. P Sardar Medicine
Dr. P Sarkar Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Srimanta Sarkar Herbal Medicine
Dr. S Sathyan nephrology
Dr. Sathyanarayana Sathyanarayana CVS, Molecular Pharmacology, Drug Interactions, Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism, CNS
Dr. Milan Satiya Satiya Clinical trials
Dr. Sanjai Saxena Anti-infective drugs, Phytochemistry/natural products, Herbal drugs
Dr. Saxena Saxena
Dr. Michael Schaer Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. E Schindler CNS 
Dr. S Schulman CVS
Dr. Rajendran SD Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. MOHAN SEELAM Pharmacology
Dr. S Seethalakshmi Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. S. Seethalakshmi Herbal drugs
Dr. C Seifert Gastroduedenal ulcers
Dr. M Sekimoto Ophthalmology
Dr. Selvasubramanian Selvasubramanian G.I.S, Ethnopharmacology, Toxicology
Dr. M Semalty Dermatology- Hair
Dr. M Sendur oncology
Dr. Shiladitya Sengupta Oncology
Dr. Senthil Kumar Senthil Kumar CVS, CNS
Dr. R Senthilkumar Experimental
Dr. Reginald Sequeira Medical Education
Dr. G Serviddio Gastrointestinal System
Dr. Seth Seth
Dr. Divya Sethi anaesthetics
Dr. S Sethi Anti-infective drugs
Dr. Sethuraman Sethuraman Educational Technology, Cardiology, Ethics
Dr. Mekin Sezik Diabetes
Dr. B Shah Pharmacology
Dr. Chirag Shah Pediatric
Dr. Hemang Shah Pharmacology
Dr. Hetal Shah anaesthetics
Dr. Nima Shah Pharmacology, Medical writing
Dr. Rima Shah Pharmacoepidemiology (Drug utilization ADRM
Dr. Shreya Shah clinical pharmacology, Experimental pharmacology
Dr. Savita Shahani Autocoids, Epidemiology
Dr. IRAM SHAIFALI Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. R Shankar medical education
Dr. Sudhir Shankar Singh Natural Product Chemistry/ Phytochemistry, Synthetic Chemistry
Dr. B Sharanabasayyaswamy Drug Utilization
Dr. Mohammed Shareef Solid tumors
Dr. F Sharifi clinical pharmacology
Dr. Ajay Sharma CVS, Diabetes
Dr. Ajay Sharma Sharma CNS
Dr. ANIL SHARMA Microbiology
Dr. Ankur SHARMA Pharmacology
Dr. B Sharma Experimental Pharmacology
Dr. Bhupesh Sharma CNS pharmacology
Dr. Dinesh Sharma Experimental Pharmacology
Dr. Dr Parveen Sharma Pharmaclogy
Dr. K Sharma Pharmacology
Dr. K Sharma Senior Pharmacologist
Dr. Kamal Sharma cardiology
Dr. Love Ram. Sharma Inflammation
Dr. Megha Sharma Drug Development
Dr. Naveen Sharma Pharmacology
Dr. Pramod Sharma Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Priyamvada Sharma Opthalmic Indigenous drugs, CVS, Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Priyamvada Sharma Pharmacology
Dr. R Sharma Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Sangeeta Sharma Pharmacology
Dr. Saurabh Sharma CVS Pharmacolgy
Dr. Sharma Sharma CNS, Clinical/CVS Pharmacology, Chemotherapy
Dr. SHYAM SHARMA Pharmaclogy
Dr. V Sharma Toxicology
Dr. VK Sharma Dermatology
Dr. Naman Shastri Cardiovascular Biology and Pharmacology
Dr. M Shayegan Occular Pharmacology Division
Dr. Somashekar Shetty Indigenous Pharmacology
Dr. Smruti Shewale Pain, Anaesthesiology, Critical Care
Dr. R Shi CVS
Dr. Zambad Shitalkumar Immunology, Drug interactions, CNS
Dr. S Shoaf CVS
Dr. Ritu Shree Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. C S Shreedhara CNS
Dr. Shubha Shubha Rani Pharmacology, Biometrics and Data Management
Dr. S Shukla Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Ramachandra . Siddamsetty CNS Pharmacology
Dr. E Sikora Vascular Pharmacology
Dr. Fatma Silan Silan Genetic Toxicology
Dr. Adarshjit Singh pharmacology
Dr. Amrit Singh experimental pharmacology
Dr. Dhirendra Pratap Singh Pharmaclogy
Dr. Harmanjit Singh Pharmacology
Dr. Inderjeet Singh Pharmaclogy
Dr. Indrajeet Singh Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics
Dr. Janardhan Singh Clinical pharmacology
Dr. Jasbir Singh Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Jitendra Singh ANS
Dr. Jitendra Singh Toxicology
Dr. Jitendra Singh Animal Research and Molecular Pharmacology
Dr. Kingshuk Singh Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Lubhan singh Phytopharmacology
Dr. Manish Singh Pharmaclogy
Dr. Nirmal Singh Experimental pharmacology
Dr. Prithpal Singh Pharmacology
Dr. Randhir Singh Experimental
Dr. Sanjay Singh General pharmacology
Dr. Sarita Singh Pharmacology
Dr. Surender Singh Indigenous drugs
Dr. Surjit Singh Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Tejinder Singh Pediatrics, Medical Education
Dr. Swaran Singh. Flora Toxicology
Dr. Tapasya Singha Ocular Pharmacology
Dr. Prof Abhay Kumar. Singhai Singhai Antiinflammatory
Dr. V Sinou Anti-infective drugs
Dr. D Sirsi CNS Pharmacology
Dr. Sidhraj Singh. Sisodia Herbal Drugs
Dr. Ramakrishna Sistla Ethanopharmacology, Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Regulatory Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Formulation Development
Dr. Kulkarni SK CNS Pharmacology
Dr. N Smriti Dermatology
Dr. Sukhbir Singh Sodhi Pharmacoepidemiology,Psychopharmacology,CVS
Dr. Rahul somani Diabetes and complications, Pharmacology
Dr. Prof. Kailas Sonawane Biotech
Dr. Rakesh Sonawane Pharmacology
Dr. N Sood drug pricing
Dr. Rita Sood Educational Technology
Dr. M Sorensen Urology
Dr. Vyas SP Resealed Eythrocyte Technology
Dr. H Spiller Psychiatry
Dr. Karkala Ranganath Pai Sreedhar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. K Sreejamole Marine Biology
Dr. S Sreelatha Herbal Drugs
Dr. Nuggehally Srinivas Pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Metabolism
Dr. Anand Srinivasan Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Renuka Srinivasan Ocular Pharmacology
Dr. Srinivasan Srinivasan Endocrinology, Clinical Pharmacology, Respiratory, Quality Assurance
Dr. Sriram Sriram Ethnopharmacology, Chemotherapy, Gastrointestinal
Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava Neuropharmacology
Dr. Amita Srivastava Poison
Dr. R Stahlmann Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. N Stallard Epidemiology
Dr. S Stoner Psychiatry
Dr. Thirumalai Kolundu Subramanian Infections, Community Medicine, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Subramoniam Subramoniam Pharmacology of herbal drugs, Biochemical Pharmacology, Signal transduction and drugs
Dr. Suchitra Suchitra Endocrinology, CNS, CVS
Dr. E Sukumar Phytochemistry, Phyto-biology
Dr. H Suleyman Gastroduedenal ulcers
Dr. X Sun Experimental
Dr. Kumar Sunil Biochemical Pharmacology
Dr. Avinash Supe Educational Technology
Dr. Gurunath Surampalli Pharmacology
Dr. Dange Suresh CVS, RS, Pharmaco epidemiology
Dr. Amita Sutaria Dermatology
Dr. Viraj Suvarna Infectious Disease, CNS, CVS
Dr. A Suyaphan Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. M Svoboda ADR Monitoring
Dr. Tathastu swain Chemotherapy
Dr. Trupti rekha Swain Lipids,Blood Disorder,Rational Use of Drugs
Dr. Vaidy Swaminathan -
Dr. Paweł Szulczyk neuroscience
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