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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Bharavi K Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. Geethanandan K Experimental Pharmacology
Dr. Vasundara K Pharmacology
Dr. Prof Kamlesh K. Pant Neuropharmacology
Dr. Ashish Kakkar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Ashish Kakkar Clinical Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology
Dr. Mitul Kalathia Pediatric
Dr. Vijay Kale Pharmacology
Dr. M kalyanasundaram Pharmacokinetics of drugs, Assay of drugs for quality check
Dr. Sandhya Kamat CVS, Endocrinu., Chemotherapy
Dr. Ashwin Kamath Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. LAXMINARAYANA KAMATH Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. T Kamp Medicine
Dr. Geeta Kampani General Medicine
Dr. Geeta Kampani General Medicine
Dr. M Kanani Herbal Medicine
Dr. Arulmozhi Kandasamy Metabolic disorders,CNS,Asthma
Dr. S Kang Pharmacoepidemiology (Drug utilization ADRM
Dr. Gopinath Kango Gopal geriatric
Dr. Reba Kanungo
Dr. Reba Kanungo Microbiology
Dr. Shao-Hsuan . Kao pharmacology
Dr. Mohit Kapoor Wound Healing
Dr. Seema Kapoor pediatric
Dr. Biswakanth Kar Pharmaclogy
Dr. R Karadi Urology
Dr. Jay Karan Pharmacology
Dr. KS Karanth CNS
Dr. Murthy Kari Toxicology, CVS
Dr. Murthy Kari, Toxicology, CVS
Dr. Ove Karlsson anaesthetics
Dr. S Karthikeyan antioxidant
Dr. R Karuna PHD Biochemistry
Dr. S Kasture pharmacology
Dr. SB Kasture Neuropharmacology Nootropic
Dr. Vikram Kate Surgical gastroenterology
Dr. M Kato Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Purshottam Kaundal Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Gurleen Kaur Pharmacology
Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Sukhpreet Kaur pharmacology
Dr. Sandeep Kaushal CNS, Pharmacovigilence, Epidemiopharmacology, GIT
Dr. Sandeep Kaushal CNS, Pharmacovigilence, Epidemiopharmacology, GIT
Dr. E Kaya Cardiology
Dr. AK Kela CVS, CNS
Dr. Zeliha Kerry CVS, Mechanisms of drug action
Dr. I Khan CNS
Dr. Nadeem Khan Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Saval Khanal Pharmacoepidemiology (Drug utilization ADRM
Dr. Naresh Khanna pharmacology
Dr. Sunil Kumar Khare CNS
Dr. Arnab Khasnobis experimental pharmacology
Dr. Gurudas Khilnani Clinical Pharmacolog,y CVS Rational, Drug use
Dr. Rahul Khisti CNS
Dr. C Khobragade Urology
Dr. S Kholkute Reproduction and Reproduction Toxicology
Dr. Dr. Jamin Kim Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Prof Young Ho . Kim Anti-infective drugs
Dr. Yun-Bae Kim Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology
Dr. D Kimberlin Pharmacovigilance
Dr. N. De Kimpe Medicinal Plants
Dr. M Kimura Receptor Pharmacology
Dr. Anoop Kishore Experimental Pharmacology
Dr. Puppala Kishore Veterinary Science
Dr. U Klein Anticancer
Dr. Dhasmana KM Cardiovascular, GIT, Analgesic
Dr. L Kma Carcinogenesis
Dr. Prashant Kole Preclinical/clinical pharmacokinetics
Dr. H Koleva Pshychopharmacology
Dr. BC Koner Immune system, Brain, Medical Education
Dr. G Kontoghiorghes CVS
Dr. Bhavani Kota GIT and Endocrine
Dr. Nitin Kothari Pharmacology
Dr. Mudgal kothekar Cardiovascular, Herbal drugs, chiral Pharmacology
Dr. A Kotwani self medication
Dr. Anita Kotwani Pharmacoepidemiology (Drug utilizationADRM
Dr. DR Krishna Pharmacokinetics, Drug Metabolism, Cancer, Molecular Biology
Dr. Murali Krishna CVS, Diabetes
Dr. Bhaskar Krishnamurthy Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. R Krishnan
Dr. J Kristensen Cardiovascular Biology and Pharmacology
Dr. M Król receptor docking
Dr. Z Kroner Neuropharmacology
Dr. Reddy KS Cancer
Dr. Nilima Kshirsagar Clinical Pharmacology
Dr. Chanda Kulkarani CNS
Dr. Nagaraj Kulkarni Pharmacology
Dr. Renuka Kulkarni-Munshi CNS, Clinical Pharmacology, Women-related
Dr. Tanuja Kulshrestha Clinical trials
Dr. VK Kulshrestha Clinical Pharmacology, CVS, Indigenous
Dr. Anil Kumar CNS, GIT, Blood, In-vitro, Toxicology, Antocoid
Dr. Anil Kumar CNS, Pharmacoepidemiology
Dr. D Kumar Wound Healing
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Pharmaclogy
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Dr Deepak Kumar Ethnopharmacology
Dr. Kamashi Kumar Pharmaclogy
Dr. Parveen Kumar Pharmacology
Dr. Prasanna Kumar Oncology
Dr. Puneet Kumar Pharmaclogy
Dr. Puneet Kumar Pharmaclogy
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Clinical Pharamcology
Dr. Rajiv Kumar CVS
Dr. Rajnish Kumar Pharmaclogy
Dr. Sandeep Kumar CNS, Phosphorylation, Ethanol
Dr. SHIV KUMAR Pharmacology
Dr. Sokendra Kumar General pharmacology
Dr. Subash Kumar Oncology
Dr. Subodh Kumar ADR monitoring
Dr. Sudhir Kumar CNS
Dr. Vijay Kumar Immunopharmacology
Dr. Vikas Kumar Neuropharmacology, Psychopharmacology, Ethnopharmacology
Dr. VL Kumar Molecular Pharmacology, Inflammation
Dr. TS Kumaravel Genetic Toxicology
Dr. Jharna Kumbag Pharmaclogy
Dr. Pankaj Kundra Pain therapy
Dr. Chan-Yen Kuo Immunology
Dr. Alice Kuruvilla CNS
Dr. M Kurzer MS Indigenous Pharmacology
Dr. A.S Kushwah Cl. Pharmacology
Dr. Sapana Kushwaha Pharmacology
Dr. Gopalan Kutty Inflammation, CVS
Dr. Pugalendi KV Medicinal plant research, Nutrition in health and disease
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